Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Graduation Lei

A friend told me about the Money Lei's that are popular for Graduations,  so I decided to make one for Priscilla's Graduation.  I had no idea that it would be the project from HELL... So tedious and time consuming,  haha.  It took me 4 and a half hours to make.  The happy part is that Priscilla absolutely LOVED it,  so it was worth all of the aggravation .  We'll have the graduation party with family and friends on July 27... lots of food to prepare,  I'll be busy!


  1. Mary,
    The Money Lei is so fun for a Graduation. When I was married, the tradition was to have a Money Dance and people who danced with me pinned money to my dress. This was a way to help out the bride and groom and wish them well.

    You and Priscilla look lovely here. Have fun on Thursday - Graduation is such a special day.


  2. Looks great- sorry it was so difficult to make.

    What a clever and unique idea.

    Hey, happy belated birthday to you, right?


  3. Mary, Love the Graduation Lei you made Priscilla! You're so creative! She has grown up too quickly. You must be so proud of her and all her accomplishments! Happy Graduation Day Priscilla!

    Love You,

  4. Well done, Mary!

    Congratulations to Priscilla!

    I LOVED the joyful feeling that college graduation day brought to house! We joke about the notion of "financial freedom" being a large part of the joy!

    So pleased that you shared the lovely photos...visions of a beautiful mother and daughter and a very proud Papa!

  5. Infinite congratulazioni.... Un abbraccio forte

  6. Congratulations to you and your family on the occasion of your beautiful daughter's graduation!

  7. Absolutely love the graduation photos - Congratulations to Priscilla for earning her degree, and for being a truly wonderful young woman :)
    Mary, you look fantastic (as always) despite the lack of sleep you had the night before making the money lei!


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