Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tutto Ciò Che Luccica... All That Sparkles...

I love anything sparkly ...  so... I made myself a very sparkly cuff bracelet.  I had a good collection of old and new inexpensive brooches and earrings and simply glued them to a plain, silver  cuff .


  1. Your cuff is way prettier than my cuff! Talk about birds of a feather! Our blogs are both filled with brilliant bling today!
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Mary!

  2. Hi Mary,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Your cuffbracelet looks very glamorous!!

    Madelief x

  3. Wowww questi bijoux luccicano davvero tanto!!!
    Buon WE Lieta

  4. Oh Mary, this cuff is gorgeous! I love all the jewels and pearls on it. You are always working on some kind of project and letting your creativity shine. I truly thing you are an artist. This cuff is amazing, I want one hehehe.



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