Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Un Po Di Giardinaggio... A Little Gardening...

After our hot, hot summer,  i'm happy to be out doing a little bit of gardening . My friend Marilyn from Seattle visited a couple weeks ago and was surprised that we are able to grow so many things here in San Diego during this time of the year.  I guess we're spoiled here.  I am very happy to be growing herbs and just planted a new vegetable garden after having removed all the pumpkin plants. Looking forwards to those tiny vegetable plants growing in.  In the meanwhile...

 Some  Red and White  for Christmas color...

 and... Purple and White,  because those are my favorite colors against all the various shades of green in the garden.  I love the way White "pops" in the dark...

Patiently waiting for the Ornamental Cabbages to grow...


  1. I wanted to answer your question on the comment you left today. No, Jess doesn't play soccer any more. She played when she was young, and she was a Forward. She scored 4 goals in one game one time. It was so exciting to watch her....she was fast. That is great that your daughter got a volleyball scholarship in college! My son played football in highschool too. I bet you will miss watching all the games like I do. The pictures on here are gorgeous. I love the statue and all the red for Christmas. Your yard is beautiful. I didn't know you lived in San Diego. We lived close to San Diego area, and just moved back to northern California because of my husband's work. I grew up in northern Cal. I love San Diego and have been there many times. Have a lovely day.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Oh my goodness... your gardens are just stunning!... love the reds and whites and everything... I am missing my gardens now... we have a long cold winter ahead before our Spring arrives here in Utah... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Ciao, hai pubblicato delle bellissime foto. Qui piove da 2 giorni e le foglie cadono tutte a terra.
    Un abbraccio dall'Italia.

  4. Hi Mary, that kale garden spot takes my breath away, and it is not fully grown yet....beautiful! How lucky to have another growing season there....we are into chilly temps already! Hope to see more of your lovely garden photos , N.xo

  5. This is really gorgeous. I just found your blog and my daughter in law is Italian, too and came here to go to college and stayed. Her family is still in Italy.

  6. Well, I see I have been here before. I tried to follow you and am already. I can't keep up!!

  7. Mary,
    Your Christmas garden is beautiful. May I blog about you? I am amazed by the beauty that I see when I visit you!

  8. Did I just read gardening? Lucky Lady your garden is stunning. I just love the beauty of red this time of year.
    Have a great weekend Mary,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  9. Your gardens are gorgeous. Love the red and white for this time of year. Amazing that you're planting gardens while we're getting ready for winter!
    Following back, Mary Alice

  10. Mary! che giardino da favola hai!! Davvero bellissimo, tante piante e ornamenti molto classici, mi piace moltissimo la fontana!!!
    Un bacione e buon inizio di Avvento!

  11. You really are so lucky to have such lovely climate there.I find gardening in my area difficult because of our weather. Our low tonight is supposed to be in the teens. Brrrr!
    Your blog is lovely.

  12. bellissimo giardino e ben curato, non posso guardare il mio che trascuro da un po'..! sereno fine settimana monica

  13. Ciao Mary, arrivo qui nel tuo blog per caso dall'Italia.
    Che meraviglioso giardino hai.
    Bellissimi colori, la ghirlanda è bellissima.
    Piacere di incrociarti in rete.

  14. Beautiful, the red, white and green is so pretty. Ornamental cabbage is so nice it looks lovely planted in a bed like that. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Non c'è che dire: comp,limenti!
    Un giardino davvero bellissimo ed immagini che fanno innamorare, in particolare l'angolo della fontana!
    A presto

  16. Ciao, Mary! You are so lucky! Your cabbages are going to be so beautiful! Your garden looks very lovely!


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