Monday, November 19, 2012

Focaccia per una amica... Focaccia for a friend...

A good friend of mine recently had surgery.  Thought it would be nice to bring her,  and her family a meal.  I decided on A pot of Lentil soup and Focaccia... 


  1. That looks so delicious and also so very beautiful... I hope your friend feels much better soon, xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Questa focaccia fa resuscitare i morti!!! MMMHHHH che bontà!
    baci Lieta

  3. Could I come dine with you?
    Beautiful images and such a lovely gift for your friend.
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  4. Mary,
    Everything that comes from your kitchen is a gift. Your focaccia is art!
    Con Amore...
    So beautiful and thoughtful.

  5. Dear Mary, I would have guessed you are a very loyal friend and kind....everything looks delicious as well as besutiful! Lentil soup was something we had often growing up, I still love it and always feel close to my Mom and Dad when I make it. Things have settled a bit since we got home, but I am trying hard to be patient now! Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving, N.xoxo

  6. Oops....beautiful! It is late, I need to go to bed!! N.

  7. of my....that looks so good and your photos are gorgeous!!

  8. My Dear and Beautiful Friend, The lentil soup was absolutely delicious and the focaccia is my absolute favourite. The whole meal was just what the doctor ordered and coupled with your visit made me feel very special. Love from Linda xx

  9. Buongiorno sono Francesca; ho trovato il tuo blog per caso questa mattina e mi sono iscritta subito. Mi piace l'idea di una focaccia per un'amica; io faccio la stessa cosa, anche se spesso preferisco i biscotti... ma è l'idea del fare qualcosa con le proprie mani che mi piace molto! A presto!

  10. buonissima. Mi ricorda la focaccia del Paese di mio padre. Monte S. Angelo, in provincia di Foggia.

  11. Che bella focaccia e che bel biglietto.
    Complimenti, spero che la tua amica l'abbia molto apprezzata.
    E' sempre molto bello potere ricevere regali fatti con amore.
    Buona settimana.


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