Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gioielli di Anna...

Gioielli di Anna is the name of  my sister Anna's jewelry business.  In Italian,  the name means " Anna's Jewels".  All of Anna's  work is hand made by her,  using various materials,  including, Swarovski Crystals,   Silver, Gold and Copper.  Her designs are unique , and use a single piece of wire, twisted into intricate shapes and designs.  Anna learned her craft from a friend in Italy, and  has taken it to a completely new level.  The pieces are gorgeous,  but photos cannot show how really stunning the pieces are.  Her collection includes one of a kind,  rings, necklaces , earrings, and bracelets. Anna even has a baby collection which is just precious.   If you'd like to see more,  visit Anna at... http://www.gioiellidianna.etsy.com 


  1. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing Mary

  2. Oooh those are just stunning!... I will visit her for sure!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. OMGoodness, Mary!
    Such brilliance and creativity runs in your family!
    I am on my way to visit Anna!

  4. ...Complimenti per i gioielli di tua sorella! Da oggi seguirò con piacere un'italiana in America!
    Ciao a presto

  5. Hi Mary....I am in Escindido!! I researched your brother's restaurant, Palumbo's in Old Town Temecula and are planning on going there this Wednesday...I have left your email on my lap top at home, sorry about this ....please contact me via email to get in touch! N.xo


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