Friday, June 22, 2012

Una piccola raccolta, e la crostata di mele... A small harvest and an apple tart...

My espaliered  Anna Apple Tree had some apples on it  that were ripe... We get apples from this espalier  pretty much any time of the year here in San Diego,  so I decided to make an apple tart...  

This is a rustic apple tart with a thin layer of sweetened Mascarpone Cheese  under the sliced apples.  Homemade crust  makes it extra delicious...


  1. Beautiful tart, Mary, and I love that apple tree. I don't think I have heard of an "Anna" apple. I always enjoy my visits here. xo

  2. Ciao Mary, e' da un bel po' che non faccio una crostata! Questa di mele e' sicuramente buonissima. Spero tutto bene. Sono tornata al ristorante di tuo fratello e questa volta l'ho conosciuto. Simpaticissimo. Ciao Rita

  3. I COVET your tree!!!!
    Did you order a whip? How long have you had it?
    People think I am crazy (well, I am) but I really want to make a "Belgium Fence".
    Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl


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