Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Una giornata nel giardino... A day in the garden...

Sometimes I feel like such an impatient gardener.... these cute little heirloom carrots could have been in the ground a bit ( or a lot ) longer,  but I really want to give my pumpkin patch plenty of room to grow, and these little guys were in the way.

I decided to cook them even though they were so tiny,  I just tossed them with a little Olive Oil, salt, pepper and some fresh oregano,  and roasted them for a few minutes.  They were really sweet and delicious.

Hydrangea is one of my favorite plants and I have lots of them.  I love the different shapes of the flowers and the way the a single plant can have different color flowers on it...  I guess my soil isn't very acidic and i'm not too faithful in adding acid fertilizer so I really end up with mostly pinks which are pretty but I really want them to be blue.  When I visited Priscilla at school in Seattle.  I was amazed at the stunning shades of blue that the all the Hydrangeas were.

"La Donnina del Giardino"  My "Little Lady of the Garden" happily watches over a mini garden making sure the little gnomes don't get into any trouble.  You know how those gnomes are...

Needed to harvest some Basil  before it got too big so I made Pesto,  which is great to have around for a quick dinner.  Like Tortellini with pesto.


  1. Your garden is beautiful and ....magical! I love
    "La Donnina" - did you make that? Your fairy garden is adorable. Nice looking tortellini, too. Yum. xo

  2. Ciao Mary,
    che piacere averti conosciuta di presenza! Volevo anche dirti che sono andata a pranzo da tua cognata. Un pranzo buonissimo.
    Ciao Rita

  3. Mary,
    I will be in San Diego. Vignettes a store in Ocean Beach is having their Sea Side Summer Fete. It a store you should visit when you have a chance.
    The Urban Barn is full of inspirations and great vendors, enjoy it! Ciao Rita

  4. Ciao Mary, grazie di avermi trovato hai visto quante cose abbiamo in comune persino il coniglietto nell'orto!
    A presto

  5. Mary Buongiorno,
    I will be at driving with a group of ladies and not sure exactly what time will be at Vignettes. The Fete starts at noon to 5pm
    4828 Newport Ave, San Diego
    you are going to love it! See you there. Ciao Rita

  6. Dear Mary, just loved this, all of it...and the little chandelier with la donnina, in the garden....you are very special! Who does that?
    Only someone with a young heart and sweet attention to detail! So lovely. N.xo

  7. Beautiful garden and I love the pearls on the statue!! Thanks much for your visit and comments on our fairy house! :)

  8. Everything looks so nice! You must share your pesto recipe. My basil is ready to be picked. :)

  9. Wow! Beautiful flowers, fabulous food, and your lovely garden. It's all so inviting!

  10. Mary not only are you a wonderful cook! Your gardens are beautiful. I love your fairy garden so very enchanting. I love hydrangeas too such beautiful showy flowers, mine won't bloom until late August I always look forward to them.
    have a great weekend,
    hugs Rosemary...xo

  11. Un magico giardino!
    Buona domenica,Monica

  12. You had me drooling over the basil pasta and those gorgeous blooms! Lucky you...wish my garden was this far along...it has just been so nasty and cold here...glad I got away for vacation when I did.


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