Sunday, April 7, 2019


Lots of lovely rain has made our landscape so nice and green,  and while I have been known to enjoy gardening in the rain, it makes for the most perfect time for cooking and baking...


  1. Fabulous! Everything looks amazing and delicious. Happy Spring to you!

  2. Thank you Barbara! Happy Spring. FYI if you are on instagram I'd like to know. I am deliciousitalian on instagram...:)

  3. Your food is always a feast for the eyes, Mary. The San Diego views are so pretty. I haven't visited there in a few years. Oh, those almond pastries look so delicious. It's always a delight to see your Purple colors around Easter, and it's funny cause I'm doing a post tomorrow showing some Purple lovelies. Your pasta always makes me want to dig in haha.

    Happy April days, Mary.


  4. Hi mary, I received your email. I tried to email you back and it came back no email at that address.

    1. You can click my contact on my blog to email me, then I will have your email address.


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