Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dal Forno...From The Oven...

It seems like so long since i've been able to post because of technical difficulties which I hope to resolve completely very soon.  It's a busy time right now getting ready for Isa's baby shower... so fun, lots of details and it will be over soon... in the meantime I have been doing the usual cooking as well as lots of baking. Some for us,  and some to take over to friends' houses...Panna Cotta Tarts,  Pizza Rustica with Ricotta and Eggplant, New York Cheesecake with Fresh Flowers,  Chocolate Orange Ganache Tart, and  Fresh Peach Crumb Top Pie have kept me busy and happy...


  1. I for one would be so happy if you published a cook book and included these wonderful dishes and photos!! Incredibile!

  2. It all looks wonderful, Mary. So glad to see you posted again. I hope you show us pictures of Isa's baby shower, as I can get ideas for Jess' baby shower coming up. I know what you mean, lots of details. That New York cheesecake looks amazing.

    Enjoy the rest of the summer, Mary. It's been pretty hot here.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Oh my word!

    It all looks so delicious and so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have fun with these last things for the shower. Take care!

  4. Che bello rileggerti, soprattutto poter ammirare le tue splendide creazioni... che dire, sono senza parole!
    ... la torta cheesecake con la frutta brinata è a dir poco spettacolare, che meraviglia!
    A presto:)

  5. Hi Mary, just wanted to let you know that Nel bought that clock for herself. She just discovered the most wonderful antique shop in her town, and she found that. I thought it was kind of expensive, but she loved it and couldn't pass it up. She is living in Georgia right now, but will return to California in a couple years. I miss her, but she will be here in Oct. for Jess' baby shower. I hope you are doing well. Autumn is coming! And you know how beautiful this season is in California.



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