Friday, June 9, 2017

Giardino Di Vasi... The Potted Garden...

My potted garden is thriving... Tomatoes and herbs along with Roses and Hydrangea,  Lavenders and sages.  Lovely and fragrant.  I have so many tomatoes on the vines which are healthy and relatively pest free,  for now anyway.  The few English Roses that I brought with me in the move are happy here at the new place .  Although they all live in pots, they are pretty,  happy and blooming... which makes me happy... I have ordered another favorite that I did not bring with me... 
The Generous Gardener should be here in a week or so. 


  1. Anche in uno spazio più piccolo, hai saputo ricreare l'atmosfera e il fascino del bellissimo giardino che hai lasciato... ed è un piacere ammirare le splendide fioriture delle tue rose e gli abbondanti frutti dei pomodori! A presto

  2. Mary, I think I'm always fascinated with your English Roses because they look different than the regular rose. I will remember that when I have a garden again and plant roses. The soft pink color is so pretty. I'm glad to hear you're gardening and your plants are thriving, especially the tomato plants. Your tomatoes will taste amazing this summer on salads and sandwiches. Your lavender is so pretty as well.

    Happy summer days, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. Your garden looks amazing, Mary. This beautiful post tells me to plant more roses. The English varieties purvey a soft and vintage feeling. Wow! Those Tomatoes love Cali and your green thumb!

  4. What beautiful photos and a wonderful looking garden indeed. Greetings!


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