Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Serate Autunnali…Autumn Evenings…

Still so warm here… well into the evening,  making for perfect alfresco dining.  Autumn touches on the table made by me…because nature isn't really showing much Autumn in the garden around here… Pumpkins,  my absolute favorite… I remember the excitement of rushing home from school on Halloween as a young girl,  so excited to carve the pumpkins before going out Trick or Treating.  I think that I have finally out grown my extreme love for Halloween,  although I still enjoy it,  my excitement now is more about fall,  and decorating pumpkins in ways other than the typical jack o lantern style…of course  there will always be at least one or two jack o lanterns on the porch on Halloween Night  to welcome the trick or treaters…


  1. Mary, I honestly do not know what blows me away more, the food, the presentation, the photography......all of it! Yes, all of it! You are one talented lady.

  2. Adoro questa atmosfera autunnale...le decorazioni con le zucche sono splendide e le torte sono buone solo a vederle!!!
    Un abbraccio

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  4. Mary, these decorative pumpkins are delightful. I know what you mean about outgrowing all the excitement for Halloween. I still like to decorate for the holiday, but maybe when I have grandkids the fun of it all will come back. The girls, however, enjoy the holiday and still dress up for parties and such. The animal cookies and the pear dessert look so yummy. I think the little white pumpkin with the purple flowers is my favorite, it's so darling. Your Autumn table looks amazing.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. non ci sono parole, meraviglioso!!!!
    buona giornata simona:)


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