Friday, October 16, 2015


It was so great to see good friends again.  Marilyn and John could not have been more hospitable.  Going to their cabin in Entiat was fantastic.  It was such a treat to spend some time at their beautiful cabin right on the Colombia River.  Waking up from a cozy sleep and seeing the mountains reflecting on the river was nothing short of incredible.  Spending our days wine tasting at several of the gorgeous nearby wineries,  then returning to the cabin…cooking ,  more wine tasting,  good food,  and great company, including M and J's good friend Allyson,   couldn't have been better.  I got to watch Marilyn and John transfer her wine to the barrel… another treat… can't wait to taste that. The Apple Orchards were stunning and heavy with fruit… soooo beautiful.  Driving back to the house from the cabin we got to take in all of the gorgeous colors of Fall… a quick stop in charming  Leavenworth for lunch,  then on with the scenic drive.  A visit to Molbaks Garden and Home  is always a must, but so difficult to leave without buying any plants.  Brought Marilyn some new Fire starters that I had made… We shared  cooking and crafting ideas… inspired by all of the pretty Pumpkins,  I showed Marilyn how to make a succulent topped pumpkin and made a green one when I got home.  Spending the day with Angie was so great,  reminiscing,  and wishing that Priscilla was there with us,  while Marilyn and I prepared dinner and made Apple Pies.  Gina and Tony joined us for dinner… it was a great evening. The weather was nice and cool,  sunny and cloudy,  with a nice rain shower at the cabin one night …just perfect.


  1. Mary, I have heard how pretty Seattle was, now I can see it with my own eyes. wow, this is lovely wine country, indeed. I love that BIG orange pumpkin with the plants inside. All the orange pumpkins at the garden and home made me smile as well. My favorite picture was all the apples on the ground. You are a beauty in these pictures, and so glad you had a nice visit in Seattle with your friends. I hope to get there someday too.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. non ci sono parole, tutto bellissimo, le zucche, il paesaggio, meraviglioso......
    un bacione simona

  3. Mentre leggevo il resoconto di questa tua bella trasferta a Seattle, speravo di poter vedere qualche immagine di questi luoghi meravigliosi...e sono stata accontentata! E' tutto come lo descrivi, le fotografie e i tuoi racconti fanno desiderare di visitare questi luoghi, il fiume, le montagne, le mele... e che dire delle zucche.. strepitose!!


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