Sunday, July 12, 2015

Giardino E Cucina… Garden And Kitchen…

 Been spending lots of time in the garden, and in the kitchen on these long,  lazy days of summer.  Sometimes it's just hard to decide which of my favorite  places  I want to be in,  at any given time.  It seems like we've had lots more clouds in the sky than usual… fewer of those "perfect days "without a cloud in the sky.  I actually really like that,  it's different for San Diego,  and I find the sky to be much more interesting with big puffy clouds,  or even some dark,  stormy clouds which we've had a bit of lately.  I think we are all hoping that the El Niño which is predicted,  will in fact bring us lots of good rain.


  1. Mary, your garden flowers and statues make my heart sing every time. Those purple flowers are stunning. And now, I want to bake some chocolate chip cookies! Yours look amazing. I love your pictures, Mary, and they are some of my favorite in blog land.

    Enjoy these lazy summer days. It was cooler last week, but supposed to HOT this week. I know what you mean about those puffy clouds, they are more interesting. And I do hope we get lots of rain this year.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Mary sei un sogno! I fiori sono stupendi e che dire del pane!!!
    Vorrei avere piu' tempo per cucinare.....
    Abbracci Rita

  3. Il giardino è il luogo dove anch'io passo più volentieri il mio tempo.
    Non so se essere più attratta dalle meravigliose immagini del tuo giardino oppure dai piatti stupendi della tua cucina... mi sa che voto per entrambi!!

  4. Mary, your food is so divine. The flowers are amazing, and those grapes! Perfection.


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