Monday, March 16, 2015

Una Torta Per Franca… A Cake For Frances…

It's amazing how quickly time passes… Frances and Mimmo's stay with us has ended,  but before they left ,  I wanted to make a cake for Frances,   because we are never together for her Birthday.  This year, I made a Tiramisu Cake… Four thin layers infused with all of the traditional flavors of Tiramisu…  Coffee ,  rum,  mascarpone,  and cream.  Adorned with one of my favorite David Austin's,  "Scepter'D Isle",  Lavender,  White Sage,  Nutmeg Scented Geranium,  and Scabiosa.  The cake was delicious and it looked like Springtime…


  1. Oh Mary I can practically smell that beautiful pink rose. I can hardly believe it is a cake. You are amazing, and that's the truth of it.

    It's nice having company (just had some all last week) but it sure is nice to have a little time to do things on our own again, too. : - )

  2. meravigliosa!
    bellissima come sempre Mary!
    bacioni simona:)

  3. L'effetto è strepitoso ed è vero, è molto primaverile!!

  4. Sono sempre straordinari i modi con cui presenti le tue delizie, così freschi , colorati e raffinati! Un abbraccio <3

  5. Mary, the tiramisu cake looks so pretty and perfect for spring. The first time I tried tiramisu was at a restaurant many years ago, and it was delicious. Haven't had it in awhile. The lavender and the flowered dish makes it even more special.

    You are truly an artist with baking, Mary. Have a nice spring day.

    love, ~Sheri


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