Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pensieri Di Primavera…Thinking Springtime…

Springtime is here,  and as usual,  I am behind… such a procrastinator,   maybe one of these days I will stop putting things off… In the meantime,  I will try to catch up.  Starting some flowers from seeds,  and hoping to be more successful with that than I usually am… having the sprinklers redone and removing some old plants, replanting to make the borders more permanent,  and a little less labor intensive.  Enjoying dinners outside again,  and loving the long days,  and gorgeous sunsets.


  1. Mary! The Skagit Tulip Festival opened last weekend! So early due to our warm February & March.
    If this not the prettiest "propagation station" I have ever laid eyes on!
    I spy an Easter Pavlova! Your table is amazing, my friend!

  2. I would absolutly love to visit you and dine at your home. You create the most mouth watering meals, and you are so interesting - garden, home, life. happy spring, dear Mary!

  3. una vera bontà!complimenti Mary, tutto bellissimo.....
    un bacione simona:)

  4. Oh Mary, this food looks so delicious. You know, my mom used to make beets for dinner often, and they are very healthy to eat. I must start eating them again. I've never seen the flower packets like this before. I see you have some sunflowers. Can't wait to see them blossom. I want to plant roses soon - the pink ones you have on here are such pretty ones. Good luck on your garden, Mary, and I noticed the little gnomes in the background hehe.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. Mary, what a fantastic and delicous post!!! Your seeding pictures are fantastic. Love the old way to put soil in newspapers - that's great - and the combination with the beautiful roses - very special pics. Last but not least the food!!! Looks mouth watering! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your lovely visit!
    All my best and happy spring

  6. Adoro la primavera, è bello tornare a prendersi cura del proprio giardino... deliziose ed evocative le immagini che hai postato, dalle buste salva semi alle immagini del giardino per finire in bellezza con la tavola imbandita! Complimenti, è tutto bellissimo
    a presto


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