Thursday, March 27, 2014

Un' Altra Torta Per Una Cara Amica… Another Cake For A Dear Friend…

When Yuri asked me to make the Birthday Cake for Linda's Safari Themed Birthday Party,  I wasn't inspired, and had no idea what I wanted to do.  I decided to keep it simple and elegant. I made a Chocolate Cake which I filled with an  Orange Chocolate Ganache , then topped it with  the Ganache and covered it with Fondant. I painted the Fondant with Gold Luster Dust, then painted it  in a Cheetah pattern.  I created  a stylized poppy with Gum Paste,  painted it with Gold Luster Dust,  and added a jewel to the center. I was happy with the cake ,  and the party was lots of fun…as usual… Next up,  Tami's Birthday,  hosted by me…


  1. Oh my gosh, that's amazing, Mary. The poppy looks so real. I have always loved the animal prints, so this caught my eye right away. How pretty that you placed it on a mirror.

    I'm so glad the party turned out fun, and that cake must have been the main attraction.


  2. I cannot even believe that leopard print is a REAL CAKE, oh my word you are such a talented lady! WOW!! Was it as delish as it looks?

    Well done, Mary!!

  3. Unbelievable!
    You need to paint a silk scarf to match!
    Your are so talented, my friend!

  4. Dear Mary,
    The cake not only looked spectacular but tasted delicious :) Thank you once again for your creativity in making my birthday so special. Along with the rest of the group it was a memorable party :) Linda xx


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