Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tiramisu Per Vincenzo… Tiramisu For Vincenzo…

After a two month stay,  Vincenzo heads back to Italy.  We shared lots of good family meals,  for which he was very appreciative.  When I asked him what he would like for dessert on his last night  he said , "Tiramisu "… So that's what I made.


  1. un buonissimo e bellissimo tiramisù!come sempre bravissima e bellissime foto!
    buona serata simona

  2. Mary,
    The first time I tried Tiramisu was at a Christmas party many years ago. I fell in love with it. Yours looks amazingly good and is displayed so nice on the silver plate.


  3. Mary,
    You are the hostess with the mostess. That Tiramisu looks too yummy!!!

  4. Oh Mary, your so gifted. Your pie crusts are beautifully made! Not to mention your taramiso which is making my mouth water just from the picture. I would love a good recipe for that! Thank you for stopping by my blog Little Putty, Little Paint. I hope you will visit more often and I look forward to more of your posts. Take care my friend. Happy Holidays!


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