Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving…

As tradition goes,  we will be having Thanksgiving at Anna and Nicola's .  Anna will make her spectacular Turkey dinner,  usually consisting of two turkeys… One baked in the wood fired Pizza oven and one in the kitchen oven.  Anna will do all of the sides,  with the exception of the cranberry sauce… i'll make  that because I seem to be the only one who wants it.  So,  I'll make an Orange Cranberry sauce,   and as usual,  I am in charge of pies and table setting,  maybe some rolls.  We'll have Apple,  Pumpkin and Macaroon pies.   We don't really need three pies,  but we do like variety…Everyone has a favorite. Golden hues and some natural elements will set the tone for what will surely be another lovely Thanksgiving at Anna and Nicola's… So thankful to be with loving family,  wishing it could be the entire family…


  1. Is there such a phenomenon as melting in your eyes?
    Wishing you God's blessings from the Pacific Northwest, where
    it is absolutely cool, clear... and as beautiful as your images on this day!

  2. Everything looks so nice, Mary. The Thanksgiving dinner surely sounds delicious, especially with all those pies. I hope your day is filled with good food, good company, and all your loved ones around..


  3. It's all so beautiful and sounds so delish Mary... I hope you and your family have a most wonderful Thanksgiving... your little name placecards are so sweet... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Hope yours was wonderful. Now it is official "holiday season!"


    Your pie looks gorgeous. I forgot to take a pic of mine, prettiest one I ever made by far - but not even close to the prettiness of this one you made!


  5. ma hai creato tante meraviglie!!!!che bella la torta ma la cosa che i piace di più sono quelle posate di legno con il nome troppo belle!!!!baci simona

  6. This is all so lovely, like art....Mary! I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving, my dear friend...N.xo

  7. Beautiful table setting. Love the name cards! The menu sounds scrumptious!!
    Mary Alice

  8. Mary,

    What beautiful pies and delicious dinner roles (bunch of grapes) you created for the meal. I'm sorry I missed this past Thanksgiving. As always, you out-did yourself. The decor and settings are amazing too. Love the place cards and golden pumpkins as well. The pictures are beautiful, and yet they do not do your creative designs justice. You continue to amaze me with your gifts.

    I shared your site with my sons girlfriend. She's admires your creations too!

    Love and miss you all.


  9. How lovely to express one's self with such a lovely spirit for beloved guests ~



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