Monday, April 15, 2013

Un Viaggio A Seattle... Tulipani !!! A Trip To Seattle...Tulips!!!

Priscilla and I went to Seattle to visit Marilyn, John and Angie.  Priscilla got to visit friends from SPU , coach Johnny,  and a few other friends,  while Marilyn and I cooked,  shopped ,  and visited the Tulip Fields... So much fun.
The weather was pretty good for us all week,  and very good when we went to the Tulip Fields.  Rows and rows of  Tulips in spectacular color... I couldn't pick a favorite.  Marilyn and I also visited a fantastic Nursery called Christianson's... One of the best,  most beautiful nurseries I have been to...  Gorgeous greenhouses,  a huge selection of  plants,  and a charming store full of pretties...


  1. Mary!
    I am so GLAD that you shared photos of your visit!
    The images are BEAUTIFUL, and a reminder that I must return to view the splendor of the Tulip Festival! I am pleased to hear that the weather cooperated with your schedule! So nice to hear that Priscilla was able to make the journey as well!
    What a lovely Mother and Daughter ritual!

  2. Che meraviglia! Un sogno vedere distese immense di tulipani.
    A presto

  3. Oh Mary! I would be in Heaven! What a trip you must have had! The tulip colours are spectacular and that greenhouse, reminds me of the English conservatories....thank you for sharing this beautiful post Mary! N.xo

  4. These photos are luscious. That greenhouse must have been so much fun. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week.

  5. Sono senza parole... un mare di tulipani coloratissimi: sono immagini bellissime!!!

  6. wow wow wow!!! Che fortuna vedere queste cose dal vero!!!
    Ciao Lieta

  7. Gorgeous photos. I could be so happy in theses beautiful spaces.

  8. Oh Mary, your photos are just stunning!... love love love all of the gorgeous tulips!... I have not been to Seattle for years and I miss all of the beauty up there... that greenhouse looks wonderful and so does the gift shop... did you buy some treasures there?... thanks for sharing, xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Wow!!!Just amazing....I have never seen fields of tulips before!!!!! So beautiful.....

  10. Mary,
    These tulip fields are amazing, and your photos are gorgeous. Do you know that tulips are one of my favorite flowers? They are so pretty, and I love all the colors they come in. My husband and the girls visited Seattle not long ago. I heard that it was beautiful and green there.

    Thank you for your comment of my 'cousin' post. I appreciate it so much. I will miss her dearly, but she is in my heart, and I am so glad that I have blog friends like you to be there for me during this time of sorrow.


  11. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS COLORS HERE! YES! Bring on the spring and let's live LOVE. Thank you so very much for coming to visit and comment on my post. Much love and peace to you in your corner of the world. Anita

  12. What a vision of lovliness - I love tulips so I would be heaven there!

    Melissah from Country Style Chic


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