Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cheesecake con Girasoli... Sunflower Cheesecake......

Cheesecake is a beautiful thing all on its own,  but I can't seem to leave things alone, so I embellish.
I made my favorite Cheesecake recipe, then made Sunflowers with  melted White Chocolate...

painted them with Luster Dust and Edible Glitter to make them extra pretty...

then put them on the Cheesecake...


  1. These are gorgeous. Would love to know your cheesecake recipe, is it ricotta? xo

  2. OMGosh, those are divine! Just beautiful and on my favorite dessert! Just stunning.

    As of this moment I am on my 7th try to comment. The squiggly words are too hard to read, I bet you would get a lot more comments if you got rid of them.

  3. Mary, dear heart, you never cease to amaze me....these chocolate flowers are beautiful....I shall attempt them for decorating my baking this Christmas if I am back into my house...I am tired now of living out of boxes and am ready for my routine and normalcy to return.....the renovation is on schedule and we hope to be back in by November. I think we are too old for this! N.xo

  4. Mary, I am in awe of your cooking skills. The way you embellished your cheesecake was perfect!! Love those pretty white chocolate flowers. I sure enjoy a good cheesecake, and I know yours was scrumptious. I hope you have the best of weeks, dear friend~Love and hugs to you~Vicki

  5. These are absolutely gorgeous! A work of art.


  6. You make things soooo beautiful! See how you are!


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