Sunday, April 16, 2017

Buona Pasqua... Happy Easter...


  1. Mary, these breads look so festive with the rainbow sprinkles. The eggs are decorated beautifully, and the bread looks so Yummy. I made warm rolls with butter today with our meal, and I couldn't stop at one. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Buona Pasqua anche a te, cara Mary!
    I tuoi dolci sono belli e buonissimi, immagino!...le uova decorate così sono strepitose!

  3. Mary, your Easter eggs are so beautiful and the Easter bread looks delicious and so pretty. I love
    getting your posts by mail and so look forward to them. You are so creative and talented and I think love goes into all that you do. I so loved your garden in the other house and felt sad for you having to leave it but I am sure you will make a pretty garden at your new home. My grandma Seraphina used to make the Easter bread too, but that was many years ago. She made her own sausage too. How I miss the old days before so many loved ones went to Heaven. Thank you for bringing such loveliness to all of us lucky to be receiving it. Buona Pasqua, Marianne

  4. Buona Pasqua! Bellissime le uova decorate... hai trasformato una semplice treccia di pane in un capolavoro!!

  5. Pretty, Mary!

    Hope you had a blessed and wonderful Easter!



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