Friday, December 16, 2016

Dolci... Sweets...

Remembering Christmas seasons past... when Mom and Dad would spend a very long day at the restaurant making Cartellate for sharing with friends and family.  They got going early in the day ready to make tons of the very traditional treats ... it wouldn't have been Christmas without this tradition.  Anna and I decided a few years ago that the tradition,  which pretty much ended when Dad passed away,  should  continue.  We've only made them for three years,  and although we saw them being made for many years,  we are not quite as good at the process as Mom was.  Practice will make perfect,  if that is what we're after,  although simply making these lovely pastries,  and remembering Mom and Dad makes for a happy day,  and very special memories...


  1. Mary, how wonderful that you kept the tradition alive and made your mom's Cartellate. They look scrumptious. So nice and flaky, and I think that powdered sugar makes the recipe. I've never tried these, but now I'm curious. I love the star tray you put them on. :)

    Wishing you a lovely weekend before Christmas, Mary.


  2. E' bello e commovente che continuiate a tenere viva questa tradizione...

  3. What a lovely reminder of something my grandmother made for us many years ago. I haven't seen these in over 50 years! Thanks for the beautiful memory! I wish I still had her recipe. Have a wonderful holiday.

  4. Oh gosh . . . haven't had these since childhood. Beautiful. How wonderful of you and Anna to keep the tradtion alive.


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