Wednesday, June 8, 2016

E Quasi Arrivato… It's almost here…

Moving day is quickly approaching,  and there is soooo much to do.  Downsizing is going to be good,  yet difficult on so many levels.  Getting rid of tired old things,  and holding on to things that are most loved and/or sentimental.  There will  so much to miss about this home… not to mention the garden and the shed.  Changes… focusing  on the positive aspects of a smaller space,  and smaller garden,  where much less maintenance will be a welcome change.  While trying to detach a bit from all that I do here,  I try to keep my sanity by having fun in the kitchen…Creating delicious things… making and doing things that make me smile…


  1. Carissima Maria, no tiene parole. No, I have run out of adjectives. You are truly a creative genius. That food should be in a magazine. I think you will find downsizing so freeing, more creative juices will be flowing. You should do a book, with lots of your gorgeous photos. Buona fortuna for this wonderful new chapter of your life. xo

  2. Oh, Mary! You're moving? I sure hope you have the shaded backyard that you host all those amazing parties - that would be too sad if you do not. When is moving day? Have you sold already? Have you found something else yet? Is it close by?

    Your food and your "lunch in the shed" is just too danged clever. Seriously you need to write a book. I'd give danged near anything to attend one of your parties! Where do you live, by the way?

    Sorry for all the questions, haha. Hugs. ♥

  3. Such lovely photos with love Janice

  4. Oh!...tutto perfetto!!!
    Che fame!!!!
    I biscotti bassotto sono strepitosi!
    Brava, brava!

  5. Oh... è arrivato il momento di lasciare la tua casa ed il suo meraviglioso giardino? Dev'essere davvero difficile scegliere cosa portare con sé e cosa lasciare... ma anche uno spazio più piccolo ha i suoi vantaggi, e sono sicura saprai trasformare anche il nuovo giardino in un gioiello!
    Bellissimi i "bassotti" biscotto... un bel modo di sfogare la tensione da trasloco!


  6. Mary, I didn't realize that you were moving. Still in San Diego? Downsizing can be a good thing. Not so much work and a smaller space is easier to care for. Yes, you will probably give away alot of things. I think I gave away about 10 bags of stuff! Oh, you will miss your wonderful garden and the beautiful rosses, but you can plant new ones in your new home. Lots of Yummy food here, Mary, and that pasta dish looks delicious. I'm having Italian food tomorrow. Good luck with the move. It can be exhausting, so hang in there, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  7. sono basita...complimenti di cuore Lory

  8. So beautiful Mary. You are truly an excellent and creative cook. You gardens are always lovely. I do know how it is to maintain larger property. We shall move withing the next few years possibly. I hope your move goes well.

  9. Hi Mary! I just spent about 20 minutes catching up with you. We are down to one laptop now. Mr D and I share. My blogging time has been impacted by the loss of my laptop. I keep up with my "daily reads" on my phone, and when time permits, on my desktop at work. I'm not great with the keyboard on my phone, so I rarely leave comments after my visits.

    It was so lovely to be here today re-viewing your lovely images in a bigger size, rather than in miniature on my phone.

    As always, so much goodness and inspiration is found here.

    I read and re-viewed your Springtime . . . so filled with it's now familiar celebrations. I also saw a beautiful celebration of life with the loss of Jim's mom and Priscilla's namesake. Please accept my condolences.

    Mr D and I retire in a little less than two years. I have been purging on a regular basis. We too, shall be downsizing and moving when that time arrives. We contemplating a multitude of options. May I ask what you and Jim have chosen as your downsize?

    I cannot wait to see how you bestow your creativity on your new home and garden!


    1. Mary! I would love to try and meet when you are in Seattle!
      I will send you an email soon with my phone number.

  10. Mary, it must be bittersweet. Moving is a big ordeal, but downsizing can be very beneficial. I am sure in no time at all, you will be moved and tending to your new garden and dinner parties. You are a fabulous cook and entertainer.


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