Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Una Torta Per Anna… A Cake For Anna…

A citrusy sweet,  ombre,  garden inspired cake for a sweet,  garden-loving sister… done in her favorite color.   


  1. Dear Mary,
    your sister is so beautiful!
    The cake looks fantastic-out- and inside!!! Inside you have reached such a deep green color!
    In your surrounding you have everything very beautiful! I love it!
    Best wishes

  2. Mary, you have out done yourself again with this lovely garden cake. How special you created this cake for your sister. Thank you for sharing a lovely representation of spring.

  3. You really do have great taste, Mary, and I'm not just talking about the cake. I'm talking about that pretty cake server and ribbon around the cake in aqua color. I would love to bite into that moist cake with all the green colors swirling around hahaha. Your sister is so pretty, and I see YOU in her! Tell her that I love her long hair. Don't see it enough on women these days. Happy Birthday to Anna!

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Mary, sono sicura che la tua bellissima sorella sarà stata felicissima di ricevere questa torta stupenda... un dono davvero speciale, complimenti e
    tanti auguri ad Anna!!

  5. Catching up with you . . . how sweet it is! Thank you for checking in on me, Mary. I am easing back into blog world. Happy Mother's Day to you and your Nonna!


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