Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Preparando Per Natale.…Preparing For Christmas…

The decorating is done,  gifts are wrapped,  and this lovely rainy day has me in the mood to start my Christmas baking… it's almost here!


  1. Bello tutto!!!...meravigliosa atmosfera...

  2. I always love your home décor, Mary. That little glass snowman is so cute. The glittery trees with the gold reindeer is stunning also. And your Christmas presents are wrapped so wonderfully. It's nice to be done with everything so we can focus on the real meaning of Christmas. Love your colorful wreath, and your doggy is soooo cute. :)

    Merry Merry,

    love ~Sheri

    1. you know, I didn't get a chance to get candy canes this year, and I love them so!

  3. Che bella la tua casa... si sente tutto il calore del Natale in arrivo!! Auguri a te e a tutta la tua meravigliosa famiglia!!

  4. Your beautiful Christmas decor is so enchanting Mary! Sparkling and full of red and white...just what I love!
    sending hugs..


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