Friday, May 15, 2015

Benvenuto Oliver… Welcome Oliver…

It seems that the best way to heal the broken heart after losing a precious pet is to get another one right away.  Jim wanted a new puppy,  Priscilla loved the idea,  and I wanted to wait a bit.  Jim won,  and now we have this precious little "Ollie" to make us happy,  and fill the hole that was left when we lost our sweet Coco.  We have a special little spot for her in the garden,  which she loved …we will never forget Coco,  but this adorable " Shaded English Cream Doxie" helps ease the pain…


  1. Dear Mary,
    Ollie is a such an adorable cutie pie, and certainly left a lasting impression on me (especially with those razor sharp teeth!) He will never replace Coco but he will fill the void left by her :) These little four legged friends of ours certainly steal your heart.

  2. Oh Mary, I am so happy for you.

    Losing a beloved buddy is the worst thing. Read my last post and you will know I am going through it right now. Today is Day 3 and trying to be brave.

    I love your little pup - what a beautiful dog.

    We have decided no more for us. I really cannot do it.

    Hugs and love - give pets to your precious new furry friend for me!

  3. quanto è bello!bellissimo!
    un bacione simona:)

  4. aahh, he is precious, Mary. That's exactly what I told Nel to do when she lost her sweet dog, to get a new dog to heal her broken heart. She may get a new dog soon, especially to keep her other dog company. Oliver is so cute, and you must be delighted when you see him romping around in your garden. These pictures are precious. What dark eyes he has. The best dog I ever had was a Dachshund named Cinnamon. Enjoy your new bundle, Mary.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. E' bellissimo.....hai fatto bene a prendere un altro cagnolino.......non si può stare senza di loro....
    un abbraccio

  6. You seem to have a new family, I'm happy for you;) What an adorable puppy! I'm sure Ollie will be your good friend! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  7. oh Mary, little Coco is at Rainbow Bridge. Oliver is adorable! I love doxies.

  8. Mary, I am so late here.
    I just finished reading about precious Coco. Her passing reaffirmed the aging of my sweet Chocolate Gousse lying here at my feet. Losing a pet is so difficult. How blessed is Coco, laid to rest so peacefully in your glorious garden.

    We must introduce handsome Oliver to my mom and dad's recently adopted mini long haired Doxie, Pippa! They would make the cutest couple!


  9. Oliver is a darling Mary! You will have so much fun with him. What a beautiful color he is too.
    I also loved seeing your beautiful fountain and foxglove!


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