Sunday, April 19, 2015

Giardino Primaverile… Springtime Garden…

Springtime seems to be the perfect  time to make some major changes in the garden… Plants that are not thriving,  and  tree roots inhibiting growth of other plants,  all needing to be removed,   making room for new plantings. After the initial landscaping 11 years ago,  the sprinklers and the lighting  need work  I'm a little overwhelmed… Planning carefully … the ultimate goal is to use favorite perennials for permanent plantings and less maintenance … Really excited about the changes!


  1. Mary, I would love to take a stroll in your garden. Look at all the purple flowers. I haven't got any purple flowers yet, but like you said, spring is a time to replace the old and bring in some new. Then, I see your beautiful pink rose. It rained here, so my red and pink roses are taking a little longer, but the yellow and white ones are blossoming every day. Part of my love for your garden is your garden statues. That one with the bunny on its head is sweet. Everything looks so green and groomed, Mary. You have done a fantastic job, and are definitely an inspiration to me with my own garden.


  2. Un giardino stupendo e meravigliose fioriture... mi sembra impossibile pensare che abbia bisogno di cambiamenti anche se immagino che dietro tutto questo ci sia molto lavoro!!

  3. Aquilegia, scabiosa, digitale, ortensie..insomma un mare di fiori, complimenti!!!!!!!


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