Sunday, May 18, 2014

Una Torta Per Giu Giu… A Cake For Giu Giu…

Giu Giu had a Ballet Recital last night ,  and rather than bring her flowers,  I thought i'd make her a cake.  A very girly cake… Barbie,  Pink , and sparkles.   She absolutely loved it!


  1. Oh Mary! Giu Giu's cake is adorable!!! I must tell you...I am a student in the aisle of gum pastes and fondants because of you, "incredibile professore"!

  2. Mary,
    You are amazing and I LOVE BARBIE! This cake is so delightful. Whenever I see Barbies, it brings me back to my childhood, spending days playing with Barbies with my neighborhood friend. This cake is PINK, GIRLY, AND FABULOUS, I LOVE IT!


  3. The cake you made is amazing!! It's gorgeous! What little girl wouldn't be in heaven with a cake like that.
    Mary Alice

  4. Wow! This cake looks amazing! Beautiful attention to detail too!
    I`m your new follower! Greetings all the way from England. :)

  5. Wow.... che meraviglia!!!
    Great job!!!!!

  6. Torta stupenda. I dettagli sono meravigliosi

  7. Hello ! I love this cake and find it stunning. I hope you don't mind that I posted it on my blog and linked to you of course. If you'd rather I took it out, just tell me and I will. I'm so jealous of your incredible talent !!


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