Monday, December 9, 2013

Per Gli Uccelli… For The Birds…

Attracting wild birds to the garden is something that i've done for years.  The pleasure  of simply watching them,  and enjoying their beauty is great,  but,  this past spring and summer,  when pests in the garden are usually at their peak,  we had very few issues.  I have to believe it's because the birds are doing one of the jobs that I attract them to do… eat the pests.  When the bird seed gets low,  i've noticed the birds hopping in and around the garden and on the roses enjoying a meal of some sort of  little pests.  Giu Giu and I made these little pine cone bird treats covered with peanut butter and bird seed.  Giu Giu liked doing it ,  but she really liked eating the peanut butter with an apple …


  1. Mary,
    I would love to see all the birds gathering to nibble on your pine cone bird treats. What a clever idea. I've never thought of peanut butter before - is that something the birds can eat?

    I always enjoy coming over here and seeing your creative ideas. Your inspiring posts put a smile on my face every time.


  2. Your birds must really really love you Mary!!! If I were a bird I would live in YOUR garden!!!

  3. I have wanted to do this as long back as childhood and never have. I need to do this. Seriously.

    Love it.


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