Sunday, August 11, 2013

Panna Cotta E Biscotti... Panna Cotta And Shortbread...

Lately i've enjoyed the flavor,  and fragrance of Orange, Vanilla, and  Rosemary...  simmering  those things together to make the house smell good.  I decided to put that flavor into Panna Cotta.
I simmered Orange slices with Vanilla Bean and freshly cut Rosemary in water and sugar to make a syrup,  reduced it ,  then added that to the cream,   to infuse as the cream heated.  Cooled it, strained it and proceeded with making the Panna Cotta.  The flavor was subtle,   but definitely there.  I topped it with grated Dark Chocolate.  Another favorite flavor right now is  Honey Vanilla Camomile Tea. Using a mortar and pestle I finely ground the tea,  scraped a vanilla pod,  and added both to the butter for my shortbread.  That worked well... I will try that with my other favorite tea,  Earl Grey.


  1. Mary,
    Thank you for revealing a little bit of the secret behind this magic! You make the Food Network look like the farm team!

  2. Everything looks so yummy Mary!... I tried to make my own biscotti... it tasted good, but was really hard!... we dipped it in our coffee to soften it up a bit... your photos are so pretty!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Ciao Mary, ottima idea per la panna cotta, poi le tue presentazioni sono sempre così belle... I biscotti con il tè earl grey vorrei provare a farli anche io...

  4. YUM! That all looks SO GOOD!!

    Great hints, thanks so much, dear Mary!

    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Mmm, looks so good! Wish I lived next door to you!!
    Mary Alice

  6. Hi Mary, I'm new here but I love it so much already.... and these panna cotta and biscotti that you show.. mmmhh must have been delicious...
    well thanks for sharing and a big hug from "your" Italy!
    ciaoo Lisa

  7. This looks delightful, Mary. Shortbread is a favorite of mine. I bet your home smells so nice filled with all kinds of spices and such. Love the last picture with the red flower.


  8. Oh my, is this not delicious????? What gorgeous sweets to indulge in as we move out of summer into the cozier months I love. Mary dear, thank you for coming to visit! All will be well. Anita

  9. What unusual combinations; they certainly deserve to be tried out !

  10. Deliziosi entrambi!! Ti seguo anche io da oggi :) Se ti va di passare da me sei la benvenuta, a presto!!


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