Thursday, May 23, 2013

Una Torta Per Una Amica Speciale... A Cake For A Special Friend...

We celebrated Tami's Birthday,  and I was in charge of the cake. The party was a Beach Theme .  For the decoration on the cake,  I made Gelatin  Bubbles , which is a decorating technique that I had never used before.  I also made Gum Paste Seashells,   White Chocolate "Coral" and  sprinkled on a little Sanding Sugar and Gold Glitter for "Sand".   It was fun to make,  and I really love how it turned out.  The cake itself was a White Cake with a layer of Almond Paste and Apricot Jam thinned with a bit of White Rum,  topped with Cream Cheese Frosting.  Pretty delicious !



  1. Who wouldn't put you in charge of the cake! ;)
    Your cakes are a work of art!

  2. I think that is the most beautiful cake I have ever seen Mary!... I LOVE the sea and have been decorating alot with my ocean treasures for Summer... how fun to have a beach party!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Ma che spettacolo cara Mary!!! E sono sicura che è anche buonissima!!!
    Ciao Lieta

  4. Che meraviglia. Decorazioni veramente eleganti !

  5. Wow.. che torta stupenda... sono rimasta incantata.. grazie di essere passata dal mio blog... A presto!

  6. Oh my goodness, I have never seen a cake like that ever before! It is so unique and beautiful.

    Thanks for being such a loyal reader. I do so enjoy hearing from you and seeing what you, too, have been up to in blogging world!

    Have a blessed day, Mary!!

  7. Mary,
    I really wished you were around to make Nel's wedding cake last year. You are so talented, and this beach theme is delightful. Jess would love this cake, and I am going to send her over to check it out, as she LOVES the beach. The gelatin bubbles is a clever idea. The sea shells and the sprinkles - it is all so wonderful.

    A special cake for a special friend.



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