Saturday, March 31, 2012

Garden Bling...

Candelabri nel giardino?....  Asolutamente...  Chandeliers in the Garden?...  absolutely!!!

Eleganza e natura.... Bello...  Love the contrast of something a little fancy
with the natural elements of the garden...  so pretty...

I riflessi  del sole nel pomeriggio...  Reflections  of sunshine in the afternoon...


  1. Hi Mary,
    What a beautiful post!! And your photos are just lovely!
    Love your blog and I'm your newest follower.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. Mary,
    what a gorgeous chandelier! Love the rustyness (word?)! Your photos are lovely, so enjoyed browsing your blog! Saw in your profile you're from San Diego, I'm originally from Orange County, Yorba Linda, Ca., family is still there. Moved to the South in the early 80's. Glad you visited so I could visit you! Thanks for following, I'm your newest follower and will be back often!


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