Thursday, October 9, 2014

Autunno… Autumn…

I came home from my very long trip to a new season… Autumn,  according to the calendar anyway … but it's been in the 80's and 90's here,  and hardly a falling leaf to be found.  I'm finding it difficult to get inspired to decorate for Fall,  but I will… Slowly but surely…


  1. Bellissime decorazioni: amo l'autunno e t hai scelto dei colori e degli oggetti favolosi!

  2. che beli i colori dell'autunno!le tue zucche e composizioni stupende!un abbraccio simona:)

  3. Mary,
    I think that's what I've been missing......your beautiful ideas for the seasons. I've never seen a pumpkin quite like this. I love the roses and garland around them. I bought a white Cinderella pumpkin for my front porch, and just decorated with an orange velvet pumpkin and a few glittery ones so far. Still more to do. Thanks for the inspiration. It's something I needed for my new home.

    It's been pretty warm here too, but I hear it's going to be cooler next week hopefully.


  4. oh by the way, I have that same jewel that's on your pumpkin, and mine is on a candle that I have. Isn't it lovely? :~)

  5. Che belli i colori delle tue zucche!!! e quella torta.........chissà che bontà!!!!!!!

  6. Welcome back, sweet lady!

    It's cooler here and very autumn color-scaped so I am def in the mood now!

    Your pics are gorgeous and very inspiring, Hugs,


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